Frequently asked questions

For applicants

What is Remjob?

Remjob is a remote job listing with reliable remote positions from around the world. Here, you can browse remote job postings in areas such as software development, marketing, design, customer service and many more.

What kind of applicant is Remjob for?

You are a professional with skills you can deploy with a computer connected to the internet which can add substantial value to employers projects.

Are all those jobs 100% fully remote?

Most of them, they are. Nevertheless, take into consideration that some companies restrict applicants to be inside certain timezones or countries for various reasons such as training, in-person meetings and so on.

Are all those jobs credible?

At we make the effort to work only with trusted companies.

For employers

Why to post on

Find the skilled talents you need at any place in the world. Ensure your employees have the flexibility they aspire. Save a lot by reducing significant costs in office infraestructure.

How much does it cost to post on

Paid options start at just $99 per post with a duration of 30 days.

What kind of information is needed to enter to post on

First you register as a user. Then you will enter your company identification data and the job data including description, category, some tags, salary and a link or email to apply.