Connect with thousands of professional remote workers from around the world who visit Remjob IO on a daily base checking curated hand-picked remote job posts and who receive our newsletter.

When you book a slot here, you promote your company with our Remjob Ads (main landing page and job detail page), our daily Remjob Newsletter and you will even get 3 promotional tweets in our main Twitter account, @jmservca.

You can book a week-long block to promote your company.

See details below.

Ad elements

  • Landing page: on top row (also visible on all category and tag page)
  • Job detail page: just below company card.
  • On Remjob Newsletter: just above the jobs list.
    [A top image, a title (max. 10 words), a description (max. 50 words) ]
  • Social share: 3 promotional tweets having your copy and links in our Twitter account @jmservca.


  • We accept only one paid sponsor for a period of one week.
  • Once we receive the payment, we will need:
    • images for ads on landing and detail
    • image, title and description for ad on newsletter
    • text for the promotional tweets
  • We the review and proof-read images and texts and suggestions may arise to ensure deliverability.
  • Only one sponsor per week. Reserve your slot with anticipation.


  • Which types of products/services sponsorships are accepted?

    All related to remote work.

  • Which kind of payments are accepted?

    Paypal or bank transfer.

  • Can I cancel my booked slot?

    Yes, you can cancel your booked slot before it is published. Once your ads are published and sent to our audience, no refund can be made.

Have additional questions?

Send an email to us.